What better way to celebrate the historic Wrestlemania XXX than with the Wrestlemania regular The Undertaker fighting monstrous Brock Lesnar, freshly returned Batista fighting Randy Orton for the title and hell- even the original wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan (absent from the WWE for almost a decade),  then André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal  featuring 30 superstars… and also Scooby- Doo cartoon crossover? Wait! s this for real… I mean REALLY !?

91BtRLqYXvL._SL1500_ Oh, the horror!

Yes it is, powers that be decided that it’s time to spice thing up and give children what they want and that’s apparently talking dog and John Cena combo. I know WWE tried to move away from the edgier content for a while but this is beyond absurd. Anyway you can “enjoy” in the first trailer, movie comes out March 25th and our review not long after that.

Also McMahon as a good guy for the first time in history!

Just for the record  we’d like to point out that we think Superman/ Bugs Bunny crossover was a better idea!

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