While everyone is discussing their ideal cast for female Expendables flick (something along the lines of  Sigourney Weaver and Milla Jovovich) Asylum film decided to go one step beyond that. Yes, they are (almost ingeniously) ripping of a movie that hasn’t been made yet (and it won’t come out ’till 2015 at best). And I mean who needs Jolie or Jovovich when you can get Cyntia Rothrock, Vivica A. Fox (now a Asylum regular)  and Brigitte Nielsen. Right?

Anyway movie looks well enough for (extremely low budget) standards of Asylum and there’s nothing wrong in checking this out while we wait for the real thing.If nothing else you have to respect the  sheer audacity of those Asylum guys.

Cast of course spans several decades of female B movie stars and is rounded up by (famed stuntwoman) Zoe Bell, ex- Terminator chick and Uwe Boll’s favorite Kristanna Loken and Korean-American TV star Nicole Bilderback. Movie will be officially released August 8, and for any additional information you can visit http://www.theasylum.cc/product.php?id=257

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