Worse News: Uwe Boll wants to tell you something!

Posted: 11/06/2015 in Worse News

Uwe Boll had an amazingly profitable (if not successful) career for years all thanks to the law in Germany that guaranties to refund half the money spent on making a film. It took them couple of years but even the Germans figured out that was not for the best and Boll was forced to seek financing for his projects elsewhere.

Sormaz                                                                                                      Seems like a cool dude!

That leads us to his latest attempt to bring Rampage 3 (yes a sequel of the sequel of the movie about psycho killer nobody wanted to see) to life. Not surprisingly the Kickstarter made just about half the amount and Boll had a complete and utter meltdown. Ironically the update he made titled “Fuck you” is actually more entertaining then all his movies combined.

Apparently you shouldn’t enjoy Avengers because “they’re not real”- very different than Rampage I guess. Then he continued with insulting Hollywood elite and then strangely seques into a bizarre racist rant.“And then goodbye investor, fuck yourself and find another retarded Chinese, Alibaba idiot or another fucking retarded India metal steel magnate who wants to see his fucking yacht in front of Cannes to fuck models… That is the film business.” Woah, man, just woah!


“Because I would help genocide” Maybe he should finally learn some English

PS We are well aware we may have summoned the wrath of Uwe Boll and we’re getting ready for eventual boxing match challenge ’cause that seems to be the only way Boll is able to answer the critics (beside swearing like a trucker).

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