Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II (1994)

Posted: 30/01/2013 in Trash movies
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This monstrosity of a film starts with always lovely Tracy Lords aka as Dr. Norma( ironically her birth name) getting into the brain of notorious cyber criminal master-mind Priest of Pain aka Prince of Plugs aka Plughead. He cuts a deal with her which involves allowing her to have a baby (she is obviasly incapable of  bearing a child). Then the scene is cut and we’re in the prison colony where guard lady is savagely raping  prisoners one at a time!? Two strange prisoners: long haired freak and bold and retarded Shakespearean actor in love with the rock (we didn’t make this up). succeed to escape, it good portion thanks to the said rock that left one of the guards Unconscious. Other one was too busy with forced sex to could catch them in time.

In the meantime tough female cop Kyle (ex-Miss America Deborah Shelton) is interrogating romantic pleasure android aka bio-syntetic Danner Romeo in the insane asylum. He is reluctant but eventually breaks under the pressure and accepts to help her. Plughead made an underground empire for himself by selling illegal age chips (that can obviasly prolong life) to rich and influential men.Why would essentially the same people that are in power decide that Plughead needs to be stopped- well, we’ll find out… Two of them find some crazy person enjoying the virtual party and  he helps them to reach the Brazil America (?!) by means of Zen teleportation (?!!).

Meanwhile Plughead is bonding with Norma, and trying to teach her the joys of killing people by absorbing their life energy, and of course storing them into chips afterwords.

Cop and gigolo android successfully reach the desert of Brazil-merica but are unfortunately unprepared for unbreathable conditions there. It seems that their mission will be prematurely finished but with a help of desert mouse they found some turnip which somehow kept them breathing until they confronted some desert terrorist and stole their oxygen- (android was of course trying to make peace but hot-tempered girl shot them fast enough and saved their lives). After that they end up trapped by a crazy soldier, then band of Arabs with female leader shows up and they despite all common sense survive it all. Also tough cop is losing her clothes as the movie progresses and… yes, she’s naked now- and on top of the android that she “hated” just moments ago. Truth be told, she did give him the option of plugging in directly into her brain but he decided to plug in the old fashion way. This robot is not as idiotic as he appears to be.


“I’m just a gigolo and everywhere I go, People know the part I’m playin’…”

Bunch of criminals including two escaped prisoners from the beginning of the movie are reaching Plughead headquarters- to seek job as hired goons perhaps? After they plugged out Kyle and Romeo hurry up towards the “secret” headquarters- Romeo even connects with a horse’s brain (even though he refused to do the same with humans) and overclocks the horse who starts galloping like a mad cow or something.


They finally find and confront Plughead but it turns out that it was a set up, Kyle was working for Plughead all along and he needed Romeo to extract the DNA Sequence that he hid in him long time ago. That particular sequence will somehow allow him to control everyone with chips and the whole wide world with it. We find out that the reason for Kyle’s betrayal was her mother, and her mother was here all along (a half her age) Tracy Lords! They try to explain that she is bio-syntetic that was “born” full grown but somehow that doesn’t make the plot any less idiotic.

Circuitry.Man.II.1994.DVDRIP.XVid-CG.avi_004827160   INTENSE MAN, INTENSE!

Anyway Traci tries to kill Plughead, fails and runs away, convicts start making a mess and almost get killed and in the end Romeo and Plughead have one final battle on the very edge of a final frontier- THEIR MINDS! Plughead seems all powerful but when confronted with corny romantic images of Romeo and Kyle he loses his mind and explodes thus effectively ending all hopes of world domination.Movie ends with a convict/Shakespearean actor reciting marriage vows to happy couples, long- haired convicts and Norma, Romeo and Kyle and himself and… the rock? Damn!


              Idiotic cops, two character that serve absolutely no purpose in this movie!

Verdict:  This movie is labeled as a post- apocalyptic flick but it can be better described as a post- film, as it (unplanned by it’s makers) deconstructs all the known laws of film-making and distillates  all the bizarre genre elements you can think of  into an hour an half of pure unexplainable madness. 

On the other side no one plays the parts of  deranged homicidal maniacs quite like Vernon Wells, and his Plughead has all it takes to be out there with the big guys like Freddy, Jason and Meyers, unfortunately to achieve that he would need a hell of a lot better film than this one!

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