Worse News: “Expendables of Horror” is coming!

Posted: 21/04/2016 in Trash movies, Worse News
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Long gestating “Expendables of Horror” aka Death House is wrapping up the last day of filming on the East coast today before moving production to LA.


Movie originally started life as a passion project of Gunnar Hansen (the original Leatherface) but he unfortunately didn’t live long enough to see the fruits of his labor.  Harrison Smith (Head of Independent Genre Development for Carolco Pictures) is responsible for the rewrite and is also on director duties and we are happy to report things are moving smoothly and by all accounts we can expect the finished product in the late 2016/ early 2017.

Movie of course boasts a pretty impressive ensemble of genre luminaries like our favorite Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Kane Hodder (Friday 13th, Monster, Se7en),  R. A. Mihailoff (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3), Dee Wallace (Cujo, The Howling), Bill Moseley (The Army of Darkness, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2),  Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator,From Beyond), Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects) and ultra- talented Bill Oberst Jr.  (Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies) The only one missing is the legendary Robert Englund (Nightmare at Elm Street).
Here’s the synopsis and some early production stills.




You can follow the production on the official facebook page- and the official instagram.





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