Worse News: The Secret Origin of Miami Connection!

Posted: 06/05/2016 in Trash movies
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In the first episode of Vice’s new show “Outsider” the featured movie is non-other than cult-classic Martial Arts meets Rock Band meets Ninjas “Miami Connection” from 1987. In it you can see everything from painful memories of Y.K. Kim‘s near bankruptcy (when he spent around million dollars of his money just to see the film go nowhere) to his unlikely comeback as an even more accomplished Martial Art instructor  and a MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER too! My personal favorite is the interview with the actor Angelo Janotti (Tom), also the composer of Dragon Sound hits such as”Against the Ninja“, Friends (for Eternity) and “Tough Guy“.

Notice the mighty mullet + mustache combination

You can enjoy the full episode here and we hope VICE continues with this awesome show for a long, long time…

PS Don’t forget to enjoy this awesome synth rock theme, we dare you not to be inspired by this!





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