While we wait for the loooong time second coming of a Mortal Kombat movie franchise (this time produced by Aquaman’s James Wan) someone’s been working hard on the Kombat movie of their own. Committee Films from Ghana’s  Kumawood  (not to be confused with Ugandan Wakaliwood) decided not to wait on Hollywood so they made  their own knock-off adaptation of the game!


Now, the complete lack of resources  and/ or professional production are really evident as well as their obvious enthusiasm for the game series.  But actually they put in an incredible effort into staging action sequences as close (you might say too close) to the games as possible. And seeing Black Raiden (I call him the Black Thunder) is worth the price of admission alone. Anyway the first trailer is now out and I’m guessing we’ll be reviewing this movie at some point in 2017. Now GET OVER HERE and watch this trailer!

PS If you liked this you might also enjoy Ghana’s Alien VS Terminator crossover.


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