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Just when you thought he’s done with Cyborgs constant fixation on our blog Albert Pyun is back with new SF epic called STAR WARFARE RANGERS and the CYBORG WITCH of ENDOR.


Both movie and graphic novel are to be released in May of 2016 and the plot is as it follows:

The 7th Empress (ELLIE CHURCH) of the Imperial Empire is faced with a rebellion by the edge of the universe races who believe in mysticism and dark forces. The rebels are led by a powerful Aym Mystic named Kindo-Ker (GLENN MAYNARD) who believes he was awakened (reincarnated) to destroy the Imperial Empire and bring life to the darker sides of mysticism. The Empress assembles an elite team of soldiers, the Star Warfare Rangers, on the planet of Endor. The special ops team is led by Captain “Starkiller” Merin (BRAD THORNTON) and the team includes Lt. Li-Lin Lucas (MAYLING NG), CWO Kelli Kurtz (KATI SALOWSKY), CWO Lani McCallum (JAX SCOTT), Corporal Robin Watts (ASHLEY CAMPBELL) and two Sniper Specialist, Sgt. Lobo Katz (PAUL GUNN) and Corporal Willard McQuarrie (TRAVIS KRAUSS). The Rangers are to find and rescue a teen age Cyborg (CAT CAKMIS), who the Empress believes can stop the rebellion. Kindo-Ker is assisted by an creature assassin named Maanu-agu (FULVIA SANTONI) and a warrior mutated by the dark forces of Hell, Anak-Mindo (NATHAN FERRIER). The film opens a 100 years after the events in the film and we are led into the story by the 8th Empress of the imperial Empire (TOMMIE VEGAS).
Obviously inspired by the likes of Power Rangers and Star Wars  WARFARE RANGERS is promising to be a bit of a return to form for Pyun who mostly dabbled in the micro- budgeted artsie flicks last couple of years. It also features Brad Thornton (Kikcboxer 4, The Sensei), Ellie Church, Nathan Ferrier  and the interesting new talent Tommie Vegas who already collaborated with Pyun on The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper short film last year. And all of that for a hardcore 200000$ budget!

You can also see the first trailer right here: