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As you may or may not know Hong Kong wasn’t the first to unveil a statue of legendary Martial Artist and actor Bruce Lee. That honor have the Bosnians, they unveiled it November 26, 2005, in the city of Mostar, more precisely-it’s park “Zrinjski”. Among the guest were ambassadors of China and Germany, members of a local Wushu Kung Fu club and even K-1 heavyweight champion and former Pride and UFC fighter Mirko “CroCop” Filipovic.“We will always be Muslims, Serbs or Croats” said Veselin Gatalo (Urban Movement Mostar) “But one thing we all have in common is Bruce Lee.” Touching isn’t it?


So after all of this it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bosnians were inspired to try their own hand at making a Kung Fu masterpiece. In the end all you really need is the right actor, good choreographer and some crazy stunt people to make it all work. So, does it really work you ask? Well, it’s one of those “better luck next time” kinda things- but it’s fun as hell! You can enjoy the trailer for the first (hopefully of the many) Bosnian low budget Kung Fu flicks right here and see Master Sadik Karahasanovic punch and kick his way into Martial Arts cinema history!

Man, it even looks like it was shot in the 70’s!

PS: If you liked this you should definitely check out the Bosnian Rambo, dude is a killer!