Black Gestapo (1975)

Posted: 30/09/2012 in Trash movies
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As the title suggests Black Gestapo is a Blaxploitation Nazi film… yeah, you heard it right- a film whose protagonists are BLACK NAZIS!!! Hitler would be rolling over in a grave, if he had one… Someone obviously had spare Nazi uniforms and some black actors at his disposal and made the best of it. And boy did he!

    *best opening sequence ever

It all starts kinda slow as we see kinda peaceful Black Panther -like organization “People’s Army” who works to help the community. That includes Black Che aka General Ahmed and his girl- the nurse who work in Detoxification Unit 2 (founded by none other than People’s Army).  But General Ahmed also has an evil Colonel Kojah by his side ( as good people often have a need for an ultimate baddie by their side).

Some white folks in suits with ridiculous mustaches (mafia enforcers) cause some ruckus, attack the nurse chick and beat up some of the panther dudes (almost killing one of them in the process).  After that the good leader decides that enough is enough and allows the evil dude to train dozen of his man to fight , so they can protect the neighborhood better. As you guessed everything goes downhill from there. Interestingly his  girl warned him not to trust the evil dude (even though she was saved of possible rape by that same man).

Soon enough things get going, black people start doing karate and judo and soon enough the new-crowned
General Kojah has his army. Their ranks grow as their expertise and almost peaceful black pride organization morphed into something far more dangerous…  A BLACK GESTAPO!!!

There action start with  brutal vengeance on mafia (including a nasty castration scene) and even though Mafia Boss (ridiculous bold man) tried his best to contra- sabotage them, clever usage of tactics, explosives and some boobs as a bait resulted in horrible death of mob enforcers.

Uschi Digard, one of the legendary Russ Meyer’s Vixens, evil general’s aid- aids the death of some idiotic mafia enforcer

Ahmed royalty menages not to notice the complete change of his organization until it’s too late and when he finally confront Cojah he is beaten half to death by his minions. Somehow he manages to get to the city all the way from the desert and the nurse girlfriend despite their recent disagreements finds the time to nurse him back to health.

Breaking every possible record in modern medicine he gets better in day’s time and then peaceful Ahmed decides to stop being so peaceful and all kind of ass- kicking ensues. He breaks out alone into the the premises of Black Gestapo- taking down soldiers one by one using his soul- brother kung fu skills until there is no- one between him and the evil Kojah. If he showed this kind of fighting expertise before he wouldn’t need an army and this whole mess could be avoided.

Then Ahmed vs Kojah gets going and damn it’s fireworks! Kojah fails to finish captured Ahmed and even menages to kill one of his own troopers- with a freakin’ old school razor-blade none the less!!!  


Then they start throwing each other, kicking and screaming and destroying everything in their path (some table and chairs I guess) until they end up in the pool… and as we all know when two black persons enter the pool- only one can get out.
We hear a sound of a GUN FIRING UNDER WATER (???) and it’s all done, evil Kojah is dead and less radical leader has won- using radical methods but we won’t really hold it against him!

Verdict: loaded with over the top violence (castration scene and repeated extreme violence against the hooker), sex and all- around craziness Black Gestapo is one of those rare movies that are completely absurd while being absurdly fun every step of the way. “So bad that it’s good” is an category that’s abused left and right these days but if one movie deserves a place in there BLACK GESTAPO is that movie! Hitler might not have approved but WORSE MOVIES approves it all the way!

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