Worse News: Superman Lives (that never was)!

Posted: 05/09/2013 in Worse News
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Now that’s something that unfortunately never came into fruition, something that we would review the hell out of!  Of course I’m talking about fabulous Tim Burton directed and (at one point) Kevin Smith scripted Superman movie staring none other than Nicolas Cage (can you say Super- freak out?) as titular character, and Sandra Bullock as Lois Lane. With villains like Brainiac, Luthor ( who even merge at some point to became Brainlex or something in that vein) and Doomsday and a ton of European influenced Sci-Fi elements it would have been a super- hero movie unlike any ever produced! Unfortunately it all fell apart in 1997 literally weeks before the shooting began and Superman Lives went straight into the legend.


Nick freakin’ Cage as Superman, this is just awesome!

That is, until Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, Grimm Fairy Tales ) decided to make a documentary about the subject. Crowdfunded through Kickstarter the project was successfully financed this March ( with more than 2100 backers) and now we even have a first official teaser to be happy about. In it Schnepp is the one freaking out- not Cage but we’re sure they’ll fix that issue in the final version.

Tell me you’re not impressed…


Brainiac’s Skull Ship , pretty neat, ha?


…and we’re still waiting!

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