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The movie starts with MGM logo soon fallowed with a deranged song about clowns and you know right away this you’re in for one  weird experience tonight. The music then changes into smooth jazz and then we see a parking lot with a bunch of teenagers making out. Some idiots brothers show up and try to sell them icescream in the middle of the night interrupting them and they almost miss the falling star because of it too. Only the falling star is not star at all- it’s a spaceship!

killer_klowns_from_outer_space_movie_poster_horror_comedy_reviewNo Icecream? Oh, the horror!

Two of the teenagers,  Mike Tobacco and his girl Debbie find the ship that is also a Circus tent (and it already claimed it’s first victim- the crazy old man. He doesn’t find anything strange in the fact that there’s a circus in the middle of the forest and decides that it must be of the more avant-garde European ones- (as someone living in Europe I can assure you that circuses are pretty much the same wherever you go). Anyway two of them start exploring the ship until they run into one of the aliens… I mean clowns and then they finally figure out that something is wrong.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space 1988 DVDRip XviD AC3 - KINGDOM.avi_000497622

He wasn’t expecting this… on the other hand who would?

Evil clown starts chasing them, hunting them with his dog made out of balloon. They do the reasonable thing and hit him with a car but that doesn’t really stop him. If anything it seemingly motivates all the clowns to come down from the woods and have some fun in the city And what fun they had!

They are all set for night of clowning around!

One of them played in the drugstore, another made a street puppet show, one surprised an old lady with a present and my favorite one made friends with a biker gang (*see below). In the meantime Mike and Debbie report a murder and try to explain the treat of the clowns to the police- as you can guess that doesn’t go so well. Young blond cop Dave Hanson  (also Debbie’s ex- boyfriend) finally accepts that something funny is going on (no pun intended) and goes to investigate but the old officer decides stays in the station and is firm in his decision to ignore multiple distress calls from over town (and his other decision to get drunk while doing so). When Mike and Dave return to the station in hope of reasoning with the officer they find  out that  he is already dead and one of the clowns even uses him as a hand puppet.Truly bizarre! In the meantime the others of the merry gang of aliens are busy storing human bodies into cotton candy cocoons– so they can drink their blood later- yes it seems the title was not really precise one, it should be Vampire Killer Klowns from Outer Space.

Clown walks into a drugstore, you know that one, right?

Clowns making friends everywhere they go!

I love this scene!

They finally organize picking up the irritating brothers with an ice-cream truck in the way and fallow clown all the way to a deserted amusement park where they finally confront them. Also idiot brothers menage to have sex with two of the female clowns somehow!!! Anyway it turns out they were way over their heads. Just when they finally think they got away cleverly using an ice cream truck as a distraction a GIANT KILLER KLOWN shows up and starts causing a ruckus. Irritating brothers explode into nothingness (finally!) but the rest of them find a way out and get out of the tent in the last possible seconds before tent becomes a flying saucer and goes away. Ship lifts up a bit but then explodes in the way of pretty purple fireworks. Small clown car crashes from the sky and the irritating brothers WHO JUST DIED MINUTES AGO come out of it with some imbecilic explanation and the movie ends- a lot worse than it began,

And now enjoy this extraordinary song from the Killer Klowns OST (by The Dickies), it makes as much sense as the movie itself!

Verdict: I could easily envision Tim Burton directing a remake of this film, one bit more streamlined story-wise and definitely more epic visually. Someone like him could pull this off even in his sleep. Chiodo who directed this one- not so much. But don’t get me wrong, with all its faults  this is still one hell of an entertaining flick but if you want to watch one evil clown movie- I would still probably recommend TV adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. But this one is solid second place!

Trivia: The Chiodo Brother are currently working on the sequel titled Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D, targeted for 2015 release.

Now that’s something that unfortunately never came into fruition, something that we would review the hell out of!  Of course I’m talking about fabulous Tim Burton directed and (at one point) Kevin Smith scripted Superman movie staring none other than Nicolas Cage (can you say Super- freak out?) as titular character, and Sandra Bullock as Lois Lane. With villains like Brainiac, Luthor ( who even merge at some point to became Brainlex or something in that vein) and Doomsday and a ton of European influenced Sci-Fi elements it would have been a super- hero movie unlike any ever produced! Unfortunately it all fell apart in 1997 literally weeks before the shooting began and Superman Lives went straight into the legend.


Nick freakin’ Cage as Superman, this is just awesome!

That is, until Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, Grimm Fairy Tales ) decided to make a documentary about the subject. Crowdfunded through Kickstarter the project was successfully financed this March ( with more than 2100 backers) and now we even have a first official teaser to be happy about. In it Schnepp is the one freaking out- not Cage but we’re sure they’ll fix that issue in the final version.

Tell me you’re not impressed…


Brainiac’s Skull Ship , pretty neat, ha?


…and we’re still waiting!