Zone of the Dead (2009)

Posted: 19/06/2014 in Trash movies
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Disclaimer: This movie had inspired us to begin with awful movies review. Naturally, we started from domestic cinematography. Following text is our very first review, written on IMDB. Due to disgraceful actions of its director it got deleted several times. But to keep public warned about this atrocity we are presenting our firstborn to you on our blog. HA! In your face Konjevic!


Bad special effects even for a low-budget movie, terrible dialogs obviously written in Serbian and then (poorly} translated into English probably using a google translator and the fact that most of the actors are not proficient in English language make the movie seem completely incoherent. They even messed up the action scenes by applying amateurish shake cam. Emilio Roso is doing a poor Jean Claude Van Damme imitating that feels completely out-of-place in this movie. The less said about other backup characters – the better.


Milan Konjevic (script writer and director) is a washed up comic-book writer known in the ’90-s for “Generacija Tesla”, “Borci sumraka” and in 2000-s for unreadable mess called “Divlja magija”. It’s obvious that in all of his years of writing he hasn’t learned a thing. The story author Vukota gave himself a role of the action hero despite the fact that he doesn’t know anything about acting, action, and his build is of an anorexic 13 years old girl. Pathetic! Also the fact that in Serbia no one is actually speaking Serbian is quite mysterious.

Italian dude again demonstrating his ass-kicking abilities, now with samurai sword.

The only high point of this disaster is a surprisingly decent performance by Ken Foree, zombie-movie veteran. It seems impossible that someone can give such a performance even in a god-awful movie like this one.People who liked this movie are either brain-damaged, or Milan Konjevic or probably both of those things.

Conclusion: THE WORST ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER!!! P.S. Mr.Konjevic, please stop!

Besides above mentioned there are still many things which don’t make sense to us. For example, Italian dude that is making a fool out of himself (throwing himself to the floor Van Damme style presumably shooting zombies to the feet), president mumbling incoherently during entire movie, old man forgetting demise of his wife after 10 days only, subplot that leads nowhere, “master zombie” wearing hazard suit and making Godzilla (?) sounds, chick throwing herself away to be eaten by zombies and enjoying every every moment of it (supposedly she is high on drugs but I really don’t know what kind of drugs can cause a desire to get eaten alive)….

The only good thing about this movie.

Verdict: If you are fan of zombie genre and you absolutely have nothing to watch please, for the love of God, don’t give this movie a chance!!! Better try your luck with Italian rip-offs of Romero movies such are “Zombie” (1979) and “City of the Living Dead” (1980). At least they contain some serious gore.



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