Worse News: Wrath of the Dead prologue!

Posted: 26/06/2014 in Trash movies, Worse News
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26112_1369863080127_1038228527_1117401_719924_nThe original poster art, hopefully changed by now…


Letting you read our first ever review (Zone of the Dead) was in part a history lesson but also a sign of things to come.We are just now …years later ready for a sequel of the first Serbian zombie flick this time with inclusion of a local star Katarina Radivojevic  (Zona Zamfirova) as the witch (part not unlike the one she already played in under appreciated Tears for Sale) and returning star Ken Foree. The first glimpse into the Wrath of the Dead provides serious progress as far as the atmosphere goes (and it even touches on the nostalgia with rock hit from the Yugoslavia days, “Jutro ce promeniti sve” by Indexi ) but it looses a bit of momentum with crude (Iron Maiden’s) Eddie- like make-up effect and almost straight Walking Dead rip off scene that follows. Without the further introduction- Wrath of the Dead!


P.S.  Just to mention that soundtrack will be by Nikola Jeremic, known for his failures in Six Days of Dark, Mamula and some other crappy animated movies which are used only by international terrorists as torturing method.


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