Worse News: Samurai Cop Lives!

Posted: 03/07/2014 in Trash movies, Tribute, Worse News
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samurai-7Z’Darr VS Hannon, the fight for the ages!

 Legendary Matt Hannon the star of Samurai Cop and antagonist of American Revenge long presumed dead finally found the time to speak up and clear the air. Matt Hannon is in fact alive and well, living under the assumed name and looking good as ever. He hit the web and officially refuted reports of his death (accepted as a fact for more than a few years)  one week ago and now he’s back with some more killer stuff. There’s even some steam brewing’ on a possible follow-up (Samurai Cop 2:  Deadly Vengence ). Anyway, we want to thank the Daughter of the Samurai- Courtney. She heroically convinced her father to come clean and let us know that Samurai is still kicking ass and all our lives are richer because of it. Now, we’re eagerly awaiting further development.

Part I

Part II


…and now for the old times sake!

  1. […] it. From the ongoing search for “Trash” Mark Gregory to the “Samurai Cop”Matt Hannon aka Karedas seemingly coming back from the dead the search is as fascinating as the people […]


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