Worse News: Albert Pyun’s Napoleon!

Posted: 30/09/2014 in Trash movies, Worse News
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’cause he’s finally done with cyborgs (Cyborg Nemesis) seemingly always present on our blog-Albert Pyun decided to return to his epic roots (Sword and the Sorcerer) in a 300 style retelling of Napoleon’s conquests starting Jean Claude freakin’ Van Damme!!! Now this is what I call news!


Sample page!

Since early 2000’s Pyun seemed satisfied to work on more experimental and almost zero budget films but now he finally decided to work on something more on the commercial side. Does he still got it? I don’t know but he even plans to film it in Bulgaria’s NU Boyana studios ( one of the largest European studios where they filmed 300: Rise of the Empire, Expendables 2 and 3). Van Damme still has a final saying and of course something like this is not easy to finance but for the sheer WTF factor- I would watch this in a heart beat!

Van BonapartaJeane Claude Van Bonaparte

  1. stevenmillan says:

    Considering his personal struggles with MS(in recent years),I’m very surprised that Albert Pyun is working on doing a big budget film(after spending the last few years on micro budgeted films),and it’ll be a miracle if he can get Jean Claude Van Damme in star in it(since they had a really bad falling out after the completion of CYBORG [as enormous of a success that film was for both of their careers]).


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