We are uniquely qualified to review this movie due our Serbian background and our bad movies proficiency.

Travolta stars as Emil Kovac (a man of a Muslim name and Croatian last name) that’s supposedly a Serb war veteran. He obtains the crucial information on an American soldier that almost cost him his life and you know what’s next- REVENGING TIME!

He surprises the unsuspecting Ford who now lives a desolate life (destroyed by the remorse for the things he has done in the Bosnian war). He helps him get his car going and they end up getting drunk together (for some reason Travolta insist on drinking German Jaeger from glasses made for Serbian drink- rakija). Ford accepts Emil’s invitation to go hunting not realizing that the prey is actually… HIMSELF!

Travolta’s Serbian pronunciation vs proper Serbian pronunciation

Ford ends up wounded by the Emil’s arrow (Serbs are obviously still in the middle ages as far as weaponry goes) but escapes and then pisses on his own wound to clean it up. It’s just that when you  expel the urine, it releases all sorts of toxins, and by urinating on a would you are putting those toxins into the wound thus infecting it. So, De Niro is effectively trying to kill himself- but will he menage to do that before Travolta kills him!

LovaFor this amount of money you can buy a cheeseburger and perhaps a small coke

Then we are dragged into the cat and mouse game that makes sense just as much as Roadrunner/ Willy E. Coyote just devoid of all the fun. Also Travolta menages to get some nice piercings (with De Niro’s help of course) in the process.

travoltaWhat do you think? Hot or not?

After many incredible fails on both sides they finally cool off and realize the most goddamn obvious thing in the world- the war is not the answer (what a shameful rip off of The Final Sanction). They romantically share the moment and enriched by the experience everyone gets  on their way Colonel Ford to finally meet his grandson and Kovac back to that seedy bar from the beginning of the movie, ’cause Serbs have one true love in their lives- and that is alcohol.


Verdict: The screenwriter and director managed not only to screw up every single fact about the conflict in Bosnia they even tried to have a balanced view of a situation by making a monsters out of the NATO soldiers too… Now Americans may be guilty of many things but the NATO forces in Bosnia were a peace keeping force assign when the conflict was practically over and they did absolutely nothing of note (to the point of being ridiculed for it)-so no, they sure as hell weren’t slaughtering people (of any nationality). Because of that “the lesson” of this movie rings so hollow- hell I’d rather watch the same old stupid American propaganda than this self righteous ignorant politically correct bullshit- at least it would have been more fun. As I said before – the only good thing about this movie is an excellent choice of songs aka Johnny Cash album that plays through most of the movie.

Trivia: For those interested in what really happened in Bosnia (and I understand that it can be a complex situation to comprehend if you’re not from the Balkans) here’s an excellent documentary on the subject.

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