Howling 2: Werewolf Bitch aka Your Sister is a Werewolf! (1985)

Posted: 30/07/2015 in Trash movies, Tribute
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It is time that we honor the recently deceased legend that is Sir. Christopher Lee. Of course we will leave the beautiful and touching tributes to other people much better than ourselves- we’ll honor him in our own unique- twisted way. By reviewing the movie he was most ashamed of and publicly apologized for in numerous occasions- Howling 2!

Chistopher Lee SpaceChristopher Lee reading Bible in Space! This intro kicks so much ass-unfortunately the movie doesn’t!

The movie starts right after the end of the original with Ben, previously unmentioned brother of the deceased journalist Karen White facing the fact that something was not quite right with the way she died.The occult detective Stefan Crosscoe pays him the visit and even thou there’s extensive video evidence he refuses to believe his sister was a werewolf. In the end it takes a werewolf resurrection of Karen to convince him otherwise.Also we learn that only titanium can kill a werewolf? That’s something new.

Watch Howling II Your Sister Is a Werewolf Online Free Putlo.mp4_002171695 Remember this scene, this won’t be the last time you see it…

 It turns out that there’s a werewolf uprising caused by the waking up of their Witch queen Stirba played by non other but B-movie sex symbol Sybil Danning.  Ben, Kelly and Stefan ( Christopher Lee) decide to do the only logical thing- hitch a ride to Transylvania and stop the incoming treat. For some reason this movie mixes up werewolf, vampire and witch myths.

Stirba also likes werewolf threesomes when time permits

Strangely enough the three of them pretty much lose track of one another once they reach the town. I they couldn’t resist the local Gypsy celebration (that lasted their whole visit). In the end Ben menages to track down the Stirba cult to the haunted castle but his would- be girlfriend Jenny ends up being captured. We’re also treated with a head exploding dwarf ’cause Stirba’s power knows no limit. Ben survives her spell by using holly (blessed by a local priest) ear- plugs!

head explode

Although she summons all of her werewolf forces Stefan, Ben and the villagers menage to reach the castle. Couple of villagers lose their lives but that is to be expected. When a Village priest confronts Stirba she menages to disfigure him using his stick with a demon- bat (nifty little thing) but Stefan continues on. She uses all of her sorcery on him but Lee is adamant. Her thrust a stake in her stomach “in the name of God” and then they strangely burn out together. I guess Lee had no reason to live after he finished her off?

Ben and Kelly on the other hand run as far away from Transylvania  as they can and after a while they finally settle together in the States. Then a trick-or-treater dressed as a werewolf shows up on their  t doorstep and we have to presume that their problems are still far from over.
Trivia 1: When Christopher Lee was cast in Gremlins 2: The New Batch, the first things he did was apologize to the director Joe Dante (who directed the original Howling) for being in this film.As far as we know apology was  accepted.Howling 2

Trivia 2: The music for the movie was provided by little known new wave band called Babel that also plays the title song “The Howling” in the movie. The members of the band would later form a new band State Project and their keyboardist Simon Etchell continued his music career by composing the themes for UK TV show Catchphrase as well as many other TV tunes and soundtrack like the one for the movie Vanished.

Now let us enjoy the title/ end credits song (with record 17 time repeated scene of Sybil Daning ripping her shirt off to reveal her breasts)

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