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We’ll begin this news bulletin by schooling you in Serbian royal history. Why would you EVER need that? Hold on tight, you’ll find out in just a second.

Princess Elizabeth Karadjordjevic is the only daughter of Prince Paul of Yugoslavia ( he served as a regent for his cousin King Peter II of Yugoslavia) and Princess Olga of Greece/Denmark. Her first marriage was with  an American clothing manufacturer Howard Oxenberg and they have two daughters from the relationship- older being Catherine Oxenberg (Kатарина Оксенберг).

 276599_mdf41425_fCatherine with her mother, Princess Elizabeth Karadjordjevic

Catherine started her career in acting with a TV movie about Charles and Diana and continued with TV show like mega popular Dynasty and short lived action spectacle that is Acapulco H.E.A.T. But in the end the most important thing that came out of her acting career was meting her future husband Casper Van Dien ( Starship Troopers and almost nothing else worth mentioning).

51hR0R9F27L        Still popular in Germany!

Naturally they collaborated on numerous projects including “I Married A Princess”. Now, they finally made the ultimate (B) movie together, third film in the SyFy series- Roger Corman produced Sharktopus VS Whalewolf!!! The premiere date is July 19, so mark it on your calendar.



So while you enjoy the historical showdown between the Sharktopuss and his new arch nemesis the Whalewolf pay attention to the Nazi looking scientist Dr. Reinhardt and remember- she is our royalty and yes, we apologize.

We are in the middle of the new Cold War between Russia and USA and movies naturally reflect that- especially the new Casper Van Dien (Starship Troopers, Mortal Kombat: Legacy) vehicle Higher Mission. In this movie produced by Gray Ferdricsen (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now) we get almost equal  intriguing 3D spectacle about… wait for it… United States Senator with an important mission, to stop the corrupted politicians of Russia before they get turned into giant mutated rats!!! I’m pretty sure you didn’t see this one coming.


higher-missionNo higher mission than this man, none!