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200 years in the future. Entire Earth’s population had been wiped out in a rebel war. Human race is in deep shit. And that’s what you are watching in this movie. 90 minutes of pure shit.

David Bradley is staring in another disaster created by Phillip J. Roth. He and his company will try to save the universe by traveling back through time. His company consists of stereotype black man, ugly, ugly, ugly military chick and Brian Faker. But no, they don’t do this because they have noble intentions. It’s their only choice between this and death penalty they’ve been sentenced to. Apparently each and one of them is responsible for real massacre on some planets. Anyway, let me start from the beginning.
First 20 minutes of movie are half-decent space fights between “The Bridges” and rebellions. The bridges are political party that controls all Earth colonies. Later in the movie, we’ll find out that that party got a name by writer of ” The Universal Being” book John Bridges. Apparently that book is responsible for all shit that happened in last 200 years. Space stage of film is ended by some 2 random guys in small space ship going through time warp. So, after 20 minutes of half-decent space fight we got David Bradley and his company to travel to Earth back to 1998 (probably because entire budget has been spent onto previously mentioned fights). Their mission is simple – finding John Bridges and stopping him from writing his book. And to make things even harder they have only 40 hours to do this since nitro implants have been implanted into their necks and will explode after that time. Why 40, why not standard 48 hours, you might ask? So did we. But we got no answer. Anyway, they lost 3 hours after transition to Earth. It’s interesting how despite using all hi-tech gadgets none of them actually knows how to drive a car. One of those gadgets is military chick’s (who gets uglier in every scene) all-purpose calculator. There isn’t a thing which that calculator can’t do. Ok now, back to the plot. Congressman Jerry has to be stopped as well since he used above mentioned book to form a political party which will rule in future with new kind of totalism as new world order thus which will lead to a global war of epic proportions. Also, two FBI members with interesting names (Agent Smith and Agent Wesson; sounds familiar?) have had their part of a role and they did absolutely nothing. We fail to see their exact purpose here. Let’s not forget two guys from the beginning of the movie who also have traveled back to time. First thing they did when they arrived is destroying their space ship so they couldn’t go back (?!). Of course, mission wouldn’t be successful without help of writer’s ex-wife. David Bradley was about to plow her in the end but he got distracted by one tiny little detail – his head got blown up by nitro implant. You have to admit that that’s not really romantic. Long story short, the only person that ended up with a head on it’s shoulders in the end of the movie is ugly, ugly, ugly military chick. She was the only one who managed to live through to see fixed future and Earth existing in some kind of new modern, sterilized order. Makes you wish for war to start all over again.

Misa Koprova aka Ugly, ugly, ugly military chick

Arrow to the head, Dudikoff style!

After a complete disaster of an American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt, directors have somehow  managed to convince the  franchise veteran Michael Dudikoff to come back for one more sequel. Oh ,how delusional were they. Not only did he fail at raising the quality of the picture but the movie turned out to be even worse than it’s prequel. And how could he have saved this picture anyway? He is not much of an actor (tho in this part he did put the most effort since the beginning of  the franchise). His feeble attempts to play a role of martial arts master had been heavily crippled by the fact that he doesn’t know anything about martial arts, fighting and generally acting overall. The only successful fighting scenes were the ones when he was wearing a mask which made me think that some poor stunt-double  had to work extra hard that day.

The less being said about the other roles the better. Bradley is decent enough of a lead (he is at least a real martial artist for a change) but he gets captured fairly easily in the first quoter of a film ( by a giant net nevertheless) and mostly does nothing but shows off  his pecs while being tied or tortured. Main love interest (?) doesn’t do anything but smile/ or scream, and a default black sidekick doesn’t do even that. Villains are cartoonish as it gets- we have a dictator who enjoys torturing people and can’t decide is he attracted to young boys or older women, his partner, an Islamic fundamentalist (with the Russian accent for some reason) who threatens to punish  “the infidels” and has immortal lines like “Take me to Mekka” while he flees the scene in a helicopter.

                        There’s also this Mexican Wrestler- looking dude in there somewhere, what’s his connection                                         with the Ninjas or the South African background we can only guess.

I am not sure if this was  originally in the script but I could swear that the crew of this movie accidentally crashed into the filming set of “Mad Max” (possibly the Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior ) at one point since a bunch of  savage motorcycle gang members suddenly appeared without any descent explanation.

There are a LOT of things wrong with this picture but I won’t waste any more time- yours or mine- on this garbage! This is a part where I leave you to marvel at the many deaths of many ninjas… a main by-product of this horrible picture.

Ninjas – Now in all colors and sizes