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Being a huge Jeffrey Combs fans as we are we couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity to watch this “masterpiece” which was previously believed to be a lost adaptation of H.P.Lovecraft’s short story. Of course, this is  nonsense, just like everything else related to movie adaptations of Lovecraft’s stories. The truth is, synopsis on this short movie is based on Lovecraft’s letter to his friend Bernard Austin Dwyer in which author describes the strange dream he had had. The letter was published in the April 1939 issue of Weird Tales as a short story (yup, false advertising at it’s best) after Lovecraft’s death.

evilclergymanartUnleashed! Unleashed!

In 1987 director Charles Band decides to sex-up this “story” and make a short movie out of it. Of course, Jeffrey Combs is the obvious choice for a leading role. The plot is very simple:  a woman visits the home of her deceased lover, a clergyman Jonathan (played by Jeffrey Combs) who, as you may have guessed from the title, has many sins on his soul, including but not limited to- a murder.

Over the next 20- something minutes said  Brady (played by Barbara Crampton) is  tormented, both physically and mentally, seduced and molested by Combs’s spirit (while his malevolent intent is obvious just beneath the surface). The Archbishop of Canterbury (played by David Warner) shows up and tries to warn Brady but to no avail. Combs can’t be stopped. Catastrophically designed human-faced rat (David Gale, also know as the beheaded Dr. from Reanimator) shows up, mostly just to taste a bit of Brady’s ass but eventually he shares a passionate kiss with the Clergyman. After the kiss- the rat dies.

VTS_03_1[22-33-36]Her ass before the meeting with the Rat-Man

Eventually, she gives in, and gives him a blowjob to dead Jonathan while he was hanging from the ceiling (hey, while in Rome…). She paid with her life for it but got resurrected and she actually manages to escape the haunted attic, just without a small thing such as her soul. At least in the end she really insulted the Biblically old landlady who remarked that she was much more beautiful than her when she was young.

vlcsnap-2015-02-06-00h14m15s52True Love

Conclusion: This movie is unique with the fact that this is Lovecroft adaptation not related to Brian Yuzna or Stuart Gordon. Imagined as Dreams of the Witchhouse- part II it invites an open comparison to “Re-Animator,” featuring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, and David Gale. In both films, Gale menaces Crampton while naked, her nude backside getting kissed by the man-faced rat.

VTS_03_1[22-21-25]That Ass

The only that separates this from Yuzna’s efforts is surprisingly eery score composed by Richard Band (?). He menages to convey more horror then all the other members of the cast combined!