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Eric Freeman (Silent Night, Deadly Night 2, Murder Weapon, Young Rebels ) was one of our inspirations for starting this page in the first place and for the longest time he was a mystery wrapped in enigma. After decades of obscurity Eric Freeman finally resurfaced in 2013  and even more significantly he finally returned  to acting (after 18 years) with logically- a Christmas themed movie: A Husband for Christmas, also staring Eric Roberts, Vivica A. Fox and Ricco Ross in 2016 and then episode od CBS’s Bull  recently in 2017.


Wishing us all the best for holidays and also promoting his new website: – up and running starting this December! You can order lots of fun stuff including a Garbage Can with his picture on it!

…and just in case  you want some more of those sweet Freeman guitar licks we got one for for you. Check this out:





Believe it or not, the time has come for the Sharkado to hit again- in New York non the less! Film officialy starts shooting next week and the full cast has finally been reveled. Beside the series regulars Ian Ziering and ( even more washed up whore) Tara Reid, we have some new faces joining our shark- repellant team of misfits. Epic people like Mark McGrath (great surname), Andy Dick (even better one!), Ozzy’s abomination of a daughter Kelly Osbourne and last but not least Vivica A. Fox who’s career seemingly went down the drain so much that she needs some shark on tornado action to get her going again. On the other hand when actors like Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight, Black Dynamite, Arrow) decide to roll with Asylum (Android Cop anyone?) maybe that is a sign that bad movies finally won and no one realized just yet.

sharknado2Whatever you do- do not look behind!

Anyway, if something is sure, that’s death, taxes and the fact that we’ll all watch Sharknado 2: The Second One premiere in July on SyFy. Until then!

Tara+swims+BeJ0L6sR3lLlTara Reid, a friend of all the sea creatures.

UPDATE: First photos from Sharkando 2 surface!