Go For It (1983)

Posted: 08/11/2012 in Trash movies
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The one can not claim to be bad movies expert without being familiar with wannabe-action-hero Bud Spencer. His movies were cheering up (and making them cry) generations of our fathers and I dare to say even older ancestors. Here, I am going to talk you about one of his highest rated (by this blog standards) sensation – Go for it!

The movie starts with Terence Hill (Rosco Frazer) traveling across the country in roller skates (?!) followed by cheerful ’70s music. From time to time he manages to hitchhike someone, but only if driver is a woman so he can plow her (and plow he did). Instead showing us that gruesome act of love we get switched to close scene of Bud Spencer (Dough) being released from a prison. Why he has been held up in a prison remains mystery to me. Maybe because of public disturbance or possibly because of attempt of taking over world’s hamburgers industry. Either way, he got free and now he can do what he likes the most – eating himself to death at the gas station. That’s where his future companion Rosco meets him. After some small talk between those two guys and somewhere between Dough’s 7th and 8th hamburger, some rednecks decided to mess up with wrong guys. Naturally, every one of those rednecks ended up biting the dust, all thanks to Dough’s mighty open-palm cleave. Someone called a police and new-found partners decide  to steal one of the rednecks trucks (i guess Rosco hadn’t registered his roller skates for two persons). To top of that they got mistaken for robbers and cops started chasing them. That’s the end of the first act. Promises a lot, don’t you agree?

Traditional way of traveling

After a long driving and cop chasing they had arrived to their destination – Miami, where now they got mistaken for secret agents. There is a choice to be made: Revealing their true identity or accepting offer from inspector-Cloesauish commander. Offer is a simple: they are supposed to go undercover as a rich Texans in order to defeat evil gang of super-villains known as K1. The luxury that task bears with it made their decision easier. After getting a room in 5-stars hotel real comedy is about to start. Next one hour are filled with Dough’s attempts to order 12 hamburgers, Rosco attempts to plow some more, japaneses, retarded ninjas, secret agents working as hot-dog vendors, clumsy cops, combinations of Rosco’s “martial arts” and Dough’s short tempered street fight and many, many more ridiculous things.

One-man army

The final scene is on yacht of K1 boss himself. He is not an ordinary super-villain. He is not even big bad boss of crime (tho he is fat). No, he is super-duper-mastermind-villain!!! His goal: Getting world domination by destroying all numbers on Earth!!! That plan even made some sense after K1 had explained it to our heroes. How is he going to do that I hear you asking? Very simple… By launching earth-to-space missile named K-bomb! Now we are doomed!!! The only ones who can put an end to it are our two brave super agents. But first they have to face another challenge: 50 retarded ninjas and some really bad ass chick. Two minutes later and they are all beaten up. With haste Dough and Rosco had infiltrated to launching chamber in order to stop missile from it’s evil trip. Unfortunately, they learned that launching is imminent since K1 (the fat one) himself was there. He calculated every detail of his devious plan (I guess he wasn’t aware of irony of using numbers in order to destroy numbers). K-bomb is ought to be launched and hit it’s target in specified time. Dough came to brilliant idea how to stop it!!! By confusing scientist while this one was counting down last 10 seconds. Missile missed it’s target, numbers are saved, and many school-kids started raging because they’ll still have to learn math in future.

Big bad super-duper-mastermind-villain of crime

P.S. Reviewing this was very hard for me. Tho, there is no doubt that this movie is complete garbage by all standards, I can’t say that I haven’t had fun watching this. I have nothing but a respect for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Surely, they had marked one era in cinema history.


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