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Unfortunately, we did have to wait a while (more than four years) but the third installation of Killgar and Hogstrong adventures is finally available on Newgrounds

Harry Partridge already launched a Patrion in hope of finishing episodes 4 and 5. You can find that here:





Nearing the  end of our second (and again crazy successful) Barbarian Month it is time to revisit the greatest modern incarnation of Swords and Planets genre aka  Harry Partridge’s Starbarians. We finally have the episode II with fascinating new adventures of Killgar and Hogstrong and  hopefully we won’t have to wait this long for the next one.



Also check out these incredibly cool action figures made by Joe Amaro! Can’t wait ’till they became available.


While we close off our (extremely successful dare I say) Barbarian Month on WM I would like to present you one of my personal favorites. An  animated show by brilliant Harry Patridge (aka Happy Harry)who ingeniously combined Space Opera and Sword and Sorcery genres with his off beat humor to produce something that has authentic 80es Animated Show look and all the brutal carnage you can take.


Episode 1

Episode 1,5