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Though Cinthia Rothrock is most recognizable because of her classic Hong Kong movies (often with Richard Norton) and later a solid string of American Martial Arts B- movies (lots of those in the 90’s) she actually had roles in more than a couple of Indonesian flicks in the beginning of her storied career and as we all know- there’s not quite like an Indonesian action movie!

Now, one of the main selling points of this movie (for us) is without a doubt Peter O’Brian (The Intruder/ Rambu, The Stabilizer). To the best of my knowledge this is a man who who was offered a part in an Indonesian action movie (before that was hip) due to his uncanny resemblance to one Sylvester Stallone (the fact that one of his movies is called Rambu is a dead giveaway) and he said “Hell yeah!” and never looked back .To top it off in  this movie he plays a deranged villain Bolt and his foil is non other than “Lady Dragon” herself Cintia Rotrock and with that combo like that- you can do no wrong.


Bolt (O’Brian) is brutally torturing a man (at one point his goon, an  Asian Mr. T taking off some of his fingers with a meat chopper)  and at  the same time showing off his impressive physique. The poor man holds on before they threaten his young daughter and then he finally breaks down and gives Bolt the information. Information about what you ask? You’ll find out in a just a second.

Nancy Bolan (Cyntia Rothrock) is a head of security at HTI and she’s arriving to Indonesia as a courier carrying a mysterious silver briefcase. Not even ten seconds after she arrives at the station in a typical Asian fashion she and her colleague get attacked by a bunch of goons  and after a hell of a fight they manage to take off in a speed boat. It seemed that they are finally safe but situation evolves into a gunfight at see and after defeating the goons and things finally look safe Rothrock gets drugged and passes out.

Now, the men holding her turn out to be working for her-  ex- boyfriend! It turns out the said boyfriend faked his own death and waited three years all in effort to finally catch the Bolt– man he has a bone to pick with this dude! Rothrock on the other hand doesn’t seem to mind and the two of them continue where the left off with their romance.

The day after on the company meeting we finally learn the whole story. Rothrock is using three couriers (including herself) to carry a super- computer to the state, two being distraction and one being the actual real deal .Ironically no one knows where the real one is (at least as far as I can see). We also learn why is the criminal targeting them called Bolt, it’s because he is “The Terrorist Who Strikes Like Lightning“ (I just love that).

And then we have the fantastically ridiculous “Mission Impossible” scene where the black dude from the meeting takes off the mask- and it was Bolt all along! Considering they didn’t really have a budget for anything resembling a mask you see the scene from the back of the car.


So, here we go again, everyone is waiting for the briefcase to come via boat but Nancy  secretly changed the plan and the real briefcase is actually coming to the airport via helicopter. Actually some blond Brad Pitt looking dude is carrying it. Unfortunately, Bolt is already onto them. He intercepts the car of her boss and goes straight to the airport where shootout ensues and the blond boy gets it.  The shootout is one of my favorite things in this movie because it literally makes no sense, most of the actors seem like they never seen firearm before and everything ends up exploding for one reason or another.

Now,  in the middle of all the craziness she’s going out shopping with her friend and her daughter. Unfortunately ‘s man tried to kidnap her and end up taking a little girl (her friend’s daughter). She viciously goes after them (on a motorbike) and after some nearly impossible stunts she stops them end… they freakin’ kill the child- in slow motion! Man, nothing is sacred for the Indonesian filmmakers!

Confusingly after the traumatic death of a child Nancy goes on a romantic evening with her boyfriend and they have a strange sex scene  with spliced footage of them kissing on the docks (these people are not sure how love scenes are supposed to work). After she wakes up tomorrow morning she immediately gets kidnapped and  ends up being tortured by Bolt and his Asian Mr. T henchmen.

HTI arranges a trade, briefcase (the final one) for Nancy but of course her boyfriend crashes a meeting (literally- via jeep trough the wall) and a complete Martial Art/ Gun- Fu madness ensues with briefcase changing hands like a hot potato.

Bolt gets completely unhinged and starts destroying everything on his way and his showdown with Rothrock is truly of EPIC proportions. Unfortunately, it gets interrupted by her boyfriend (who seems to have made a habit of that) but then- he wants briefcase all for himself! She goes after him and the fight ends up in the helicopter- she conveniently strangles him with his own tie (you should take a lesson and never get in a fight in a business suit).

Verdict: Now,  this movie has completely impossible fight scenes, bizarre editing choices and people who for the life of them can’t hold a gun properly. Production values are severely lacking (you’re sure to start laughing at some of the chases, explosions and gun battles) and that lack especially shows in the sound department (to the best of my knowledge Rothrock is the only actor that isn’t dubbed in the whole movie) but I challenge you to watch Angel of Fury and not have fun.


Complete Killcount by Cinthia, number 11 is especially impressive!

Trivia: We also have a bit of news to cap things off. Fantastic Mr. O’Brian is supposedly eying  his comeback to the film industry after lengthy time away he spent teaching English and being a life coach. He’s been offered a role of  a British General Cameron, commander at the Battle of Gate Pa–  whenever this comes true or not one thing is for sure- everything this man does will be on out “must see” list!

Goldsen4          Just look at this face!






The sole reason behind the existence of this movie is the fast that couple of Indian producers (Punjabi Brothers) found a random dude (Peter O’Brian) who looks incredibly like young Silvester Stallone and seeing the potential in that they gave him a couple martial art lesson and shipped him to Indonesia to star in a string of lo- fi action flicks. If you expect the result to be unwatchable you are deadly wrong- combination of Indonesian locations, terrible acting, dedicated stunt-work and the incredible amount of (random) shit blowing up made this a hell of a good time and a WIN in my book.It even attracted the legendary Troma Entertainment that acted as a distributor for USA.

ST1Never gets old…

Couple agents greet almost mystical figure at the airport- that is Peter Goldson “The Stabilizer”. We learn that he is called that way because of his unique ability to restore the balance between the good and the evil (now, you’ve got to admit that is unique). He joins them to help solve the case of disappearance of Doctor Probos (fantastic name for a scientist). Only couple minutes into the movie and we get a deadly car chase that also incorporates a moment when they steal a car from the man pissing just outside of the road. Surviving that agents go on a briefing and here we learn that the main man behind the local organized crime (and Doctor Probos disappearance) is none other than Greg Rainmaker. By coincidence the same man that raped and murdered Stabilizer’s fiance. And you bet- there will be some revenging done pretty soon.

The Stabilizer.mp4_000674140Blond 80’s chick proves without any doubt that it was Rainmaker’s golden triangle bang behind the ambush.
She also does that with these earings.

We get to see a bit of torture and electrocution just to prove how evil Golden Triangle really is. They also trie another hit on Stabilizer (this time using a fake performer in a bar) but it doesn’t really pan out for them and Goldson retaliates with a bust of one of their operations. He also meets Doctor Probos’s daughter, funny large headed woman there- it seems she is a ninja with a crosbow in her free time.

After some back and forth agents finally decide to let Probos’s daughter join them (not really in line with the regulations and protocols but who cares) and movie gets to it’s romantic part (yes- there is a romantic part in here). Goldson decides to probe miss Probos and his partner decides to take on a fellow agent- ’80s blond chick. Of course their down time doesn’t last long and they quickly gather for one more action- raid on Rainmaker’s villa. Despite the action being somewhat out of control with their knowledge of Martial Arts and creative use of motorcycles and flamethrower (you’ll see) agents prevail.


Also notice Indonesian Mr. T in there…

Unfortunately Probos dies all the same. Combined with the fact that Rainmaker escaped (to his personal island fortress) we get another final action. Interesting fact the Act III of this movie has at least three parts. So, our agents get going (again), they raid Rainmaiker’s lair and wreak havoc but Rainmaker prevails and like a true villain puts them in the basely escapable situation and leaves before actually seeing them die. That blows up in his face (also the fact that he tried to get rid of his whore who comes after him with a machine gun- joining our heroes). After absolute craziness of a chase he decides that it’s time to just give up and escape by air but The Stabilizer had other plans.

The End

Verdict: Now the only question that bugs me is the fact that the purpose of Peter Goldson is to be “The Stabilizer”. So if scales are tipped on the side of the good- would that make him a bad guy? I’ll leave you with this guestion…

Trivia: Also When Rainmaker attacked the poor girl you could see this hanging in the background. Now I know a girl can have a picture of her fiancee on the wall but that kind of picture!?

The Stabilizer.mp4_001301233