Code of Silence (1985)

Posted: 21/03/2013 in Trash movies
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There are many people who claim that this is, by far, the best Chuck Norris movie. I have to admit that I am having problems imagining that a  Chuck Norris movie can be considered  as anything else but a complete disaster. But again, what do I know? Trailer for Code of Silence even shows our hero with gun!!! This could be interesting! So let’s check it.

Graveyard in broad daylight… Two men are there. One is sitting (Cragie), the other one is standing (Nick). Cragie (played by Ralph Foody) is drinking and suggesting Nick (played by Joseph Guzaldo) to piss on someone’s grave. Obviously, they are vandals. WRONG!!! They are undercover agents (?!) On the other side of block, their leader Eddie Cusack (Chuck Norris) is waiting in the trash truck with his fellow agent. They plan to interrupt drug shipment. After busting in drug lair, shooting and some ridiculous rooftops chasing, the dealers have been dealt with (with some casualties on both sides, including hilarious mullet dude). Also, one of the officers got shot and informer is dead. But that’s not everything. While scouting nearby building Cragie managed to shoot and kill 10 years old kid. Of course, after seeing what he did, Cragie planted gun in cold hand of already dead kid. Not a fully successful mission, don’t you think? And I forgot to mention that some bandits had managed to escape.

Shortly after the big action, two arrested gang members are questioned in police station about whereabouts of their escaped comrades. Interesting thing is that interrogators are using new method – 1 good cop and 2 bad cops. But villains remained silent, even after being intimidated with name of Luis Comacho (Henry Silva) who appears to be the big bad boss of crime. Sounds familiar? In the same time Cragie has been suspended until hearing for killing kid and his partner is transferred to work with Chuck Norris. Sounds like a promotion to me.

Pedja - fazon


Meanwhile, there is someone’s birthday in the house on the other side of town. We see a woman who has a face similar to the one you get when you draw eyes and mouth on balloon. She is carrying a cake. Her name is Diana (played by Molly Hagan) and she is the daughter of Tony Luna (Mike Genovese), another detective working on the case. And the cake is meant for her mother Molly. But, Tony gets a phone call and announces that he needs to depart. This has been followed by phrases like “Your job is more important to you than your own family” and similar women crap. If you guessed that balloon-face girl had said all of this than you guessed it right. Tony is afraid that if Victor Comacho get’s out they are all will be dead.

After seeing his comrades dead Luis Comacho gets pissed off and threatens Eddie with the Columbian neck-tie. Chuck Norris doesn’t seem to be touched by this token of gratitude, while being surrounded by Luis’ gang members, including Comacho’s right hand who’s look resembles to Serbia’s politician Vuk Draskovic.
Next scene takes us to introduction of new member of police force. No, it is not some badass, experienced detective. It is a robot cop named Prowler, the ultimate weapon in fight against crime, at least judging to words of it’s representative, who is played by no one else than John Mahoney.

Chuck Norris using a weapon less deadly than himself

Chuck Norris using a weapon less deadly than himself

Now pardon me for absence of spoilers which can be found in most of my reviews, but writing about this movie is such an agony so I’ll do a fast forward. Next one hour is consisted of artists using drugs in middle of exhibition, Eddie Cusack being known as “Stainless Steel” on the street, villain being killed by the boat after the most ridiculous chasing and even more ridiculous jumping into river (you got to see this), kidnapping of balloon-face girl who’s face gets larger and larger from scene to scene, Chuck Norris being hit in the head with snooker ball and then beaten up (that can happen too), and Chuck Norris’ testimony against Cragie which brakes CODE OF SILENCE among cops…

Fully pumped up baloon face

Fully pumped up balloon face

Also, I have to mention his driving skills that caused the death of one high rated gang member, uncle Felix (don’t know his exact roll here due to severe memory damages caused by watching this movie).

This man is going to die

This man is going to die!!!

All of above mentioned nonsense has been just introduction in the final stand off – Eddie Cusack vs Luis Comacho. Greatly outnumbered by Luis’ forces, Eddie was cornered and certain death was approaching him with the light speed. But he got a backup!!! It was Prowler, who swiped the entire gang, including Luis,  with it’s rocket missiles and thus saving Eddie’s bad acting ass.

Conclusion: Despite many people claims that this is the best Chuck Norris movie, WE claim that this is even worse than The Octagon and Invasion USA, which makes this the worst Chuck Norris movie (in pretty strong competition) and one of the worst movies of all times (even worse than Godfather 3)!!!

For all those who had the nerves to read this review through end, here is the treat I had promised you earlier:

Bird crap falling off the sky!

  1. Lily Wight says:

    Chuck is such a legend. I hope you caught his cameo in The Expendable 2 – sh*t as usual x


  2. pokeras85 says:

    We wouldn’t miss it for a world 🙂


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